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{One Autumn Day}

Tracy ღ
2 September 1986
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About Me
My name is Tracy, I'm 29 years old. Living in London, United Kingdom. I... Books, Television, Movies, Music and Celebrity Gossip. I watch a lot and I mean A LOT of television and movies. Fandom is my life and I need ohnotheydidnt for my daily gossip fix.

I'm a big shipper of TV Couples. Too many too enumerate and I'm usually obssessed with whatever ship is ON at the moment. Basically I download a lot of television and movies from Asia, US, UK and other foreign languages, I'm not afraid of subtitles, I embrace them!

What I'm watching at the moment (last update 15 March 2016):
Descendants of the Sun (Korea)
Marriage Contract (Korea)
Come back Mister (Korea)
Madame Antoine (Korea)
Dolce Amore (Philippines)
Love 2000 (Japan)
Symphony of /Fate (China)
Dramas I recently completed:
All About My Mom
I Have a Lover (Korea)
Cheese in the Trap (Korea)
Oh My Venus (Korea)
Love me if you Dare (China)
Love's Relativity (China)
In Time With You (Taiwan)
Dramas I'm looking forward to:
Goodbye Mr. Black (Korea)
Monster (Korea)

Some of my all time favorites are Bridges of Love (Philippines), Dawson's Creek, Alias, Friends, Sex and the City, Beverly Hills 90210, Saved By The Bell, Charmed, Wildfire, Moonlight, Frasier, 24

I also love period romances such a Jane Austen's works and others.
North and South
Pride and Prejudice
Jane Eyre
Northanger Abbey

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