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18 March 2016 @ 11:24 pm
my first 2 travels for this year...  
So I just ticked two more destinations for this year's #journeyto30. Reykjavik, Iceland was freezing, but oh-so-worth-it breathtaking, Madrid, Spain felt more familiar and London-like. Two places I enjoyed but suffered consequences after. In my so-stupid-tracy fashion, I decided to take my phone in the waters of Blue Lagoon, thus causing irepairable water damage to the iphone's charging port. Panicked but in London without a phone and having to travel to Madrid, I impulsively just have my phone replaced at the Apple store, shelling out over £200.

  Now, Madrid was awesome staying with my friend's hometown friends, eating good food...seafood, churros and paella, all went well until the evening back to London, first, we find out our flight will be delayed for more than 2 hours, leaving past midnight instead of intended 10pm, so we decided to take our time, look around in the mall interchange, and getting some grub at KFC, where it all goes awry. The second to the series of unfortunate event happens, my four day old iphone gets stolen right in front of my eyes without me realising until too late! No way to retrieve it, heading to the airport in low spirit, and having no boarding pass, cause of course, everything is done electronically nowadays, I stored my boarding pass in my phone. It all works out anyway, the easyjet desk staff sorted it for me. We finally get to board the plane past midnight and get a free drink in flight as consolation. I decided to get some hot chocolate, cause, why not? Now I did regret this decision as when we where about to land something in the air pressure made me feel sick, but no, I didn't puke...I held it in, managed to disembark, but inside the terminal, a long walk I might add, I couldn't hold it any longer and just I was about to make it inside the loo's cubicle, I hurl it all over the floor, toilet bowl...yeah, disgusting, I would no longer describe it.

So as a consequence to our delayed arrival in London, there's no more trains or underground, so we had to wait 3 hours before we can head back to Northwick Park, with me feeling all horrible. I managed to sleep a couple of hours in the airport with the help of 1gram Paracetamol, we make it to Kings Cross station but unfortunately..metropolitan line is stuck and we had to wait nearly half an hour before deciding on taking a different route.

I survived all of that, but did I mention I had to attend a training from 9-3? With no sleep! Thank you Costa caramel macchiato, you helped me stay awake for that. And did I mention, I lost most of my Madrid photos as they were not backed up in icloud before it got stolen...

Rant over, I can't believe I typed this much on my blog! 
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